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What is the difference between this:

this.btnOk.Click += new System.EventHandler(this.btnOK_Click);

and this?

this.btnOk.Click += this.btnOK_Click;

They both work. The former is what Visual Studio defaults to when you use the snippets. But it seems like it only ads extra verbiage, or am I missing something?

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No difference. Omitting the delegate instantiation is just syntax candy; the C# compiler will generate the delegate instantiation for you under the hood.

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In C# 3.0 and later this is no difference. Before C# 3.0 EventHandlers were required due to compiler limitations, but with the advent of C# 3.0, the second form is preferred unless you want to be very explicit.

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I believe that C# since 3.0 has implicitly added the delegate handler. However, it can help to be more explicit, especially when there are multiple possible delegate types.

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"+= Delegate_Name" is a syntax sugar. Compiler will create new wrapper for you.

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