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I am trying to create a registry expression that will detect the following syntax in a string:

  • Example String: NB###-#####-#####-###[#+]

Please note that the expression could be anywhere in the string and have multiple occurrences.

I have tried [(.+)(\+|-)] which doesn't seem to work as I imagined it to do in php, but does work in

What would the expression be to return the string *and* whether it was a plus or minus?

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I'd suggest the pattern:


The parentheses capture the whole group, the \ escapes the [ and ] characters, and also the + character, that, otherwise (when unescaped) have special meanings in regular expressions.

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Maybe .+ consumes all due to the default greedyness? What happens if you anchor the string using ^\[(.+)(\+|-)\]$.

If you cannot anchor the string due to multiply occurrences, try using look-ahead feature. And if "ANYTHING" really can be anything, how do you distinguish an ANYTHING +] from a PLUS-OR-MINUS > CLOSE-BRACKET?

If neither plus nor minus is allowed in ANYTHING, go for \[([^+-]+)(\+|-)\].

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Thanks for the help. I managed to figure out /\[([\$|a-zA-Z]+)(\+|-)\]/ works as i intended it to.

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