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Is there any header composite availabe in swt? What my requirement is I should have one user login form available in SWT. That form should be able to show inside the view. And that form should have one caption also. First I thought to use some kind of dialogs. But I dont want to use any dialogs. Is there any way which I can implement the same?

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Could you describe your goal in more detail, or maybe create a mockup that shows what exactly you are trying to achieve? –  Baz Aug 11 '12 at 15:47

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There is an API called Eclipse Forms which was only introduced in Eclipse 3.3, so many books don't mention it. It lets you organize forms in a somewhat web-like way, with headers and sections and boxed groups and such. I think this would probably meet your needs.

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Try to look at LoginDialog in Opal SWT Widget Library. It provide a ready-to-use and configurable login dialog. Maybe it will be suitable for you.

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