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My Setup

I have a ViewController, where users type some sort of text in there. Call it InputViewController.

I have a UIView (in a separate class), where I draw a navigation bar that has a gradient (I override drawRect for Core Graphics, hence I need to to have in a separate class) which has a button. The button takes you to a MapViewController, which allows you to add a location tag to your input. Once a location tag is added, I would like to change the button's image.

My Problem

Once the button is tapped, I need to send the user's input to the MapViewController, where a delegate is also implemented and will pass back some information back to the InputViewController. The issue here is that the button resides in the separate UIView. One way to do this is pass the UIView the information once they are set, which in turn would be passed to the MapViewController once the button is tapped. The problem here would be the delegate as the delegate needs to return to the InputViewController and not the `UIView.

I was wondering if its possible to move the UIView into the InputViewController, including the drawRect method for that view. If so, how can I do that? If not, what are other ways/suggestions I can do to have the above set up?

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I guess you need to use NSNotifications for sending messages to your classes. See this.

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