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I was reading this SO article and was amazed to find that no one mentioned how long it takes to run a data dump with the appcfg.py tool.

Now, obviously, this is a function of how much data you have, and the hardware your dumping to, but was wondering if anyone had ever benchmarked this. If I have a decent amount of data (say, 50GB), how long can I expect to wait for the entire datastore to dump to a YAML file?

Minutes? Hours? Days?

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The factors affecting time to download a dataset are

  1. number of entities
  2. size of entities
  3. speed of you network.
  4. how appengine backend is performing ;-)

I am on a slow link (typically only achieve 150kbps (3G wireless) and my 675MB of entities totalling 1.5million entities takes about 2 days to download to the local machine using appcfg.

So unfortunately there won't be a good hard number you can rely on - you will just have to give it a go and see how long it takes in your situation.

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I can't tell you about dumping/downloading to your computer, but I have used Datastore backup, which saves datastore data to Blobstore: I have seen backup speeds somewhere in 100-150MBytes / minute.

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