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I've been reading up on AppDynamics Lite all morning and absolutely love it! It's pretty nice to be able to drop a JAR into your web app (WAR), deploy it and have it automatically run perf tests on your app.

I was wondering if anything similar exist for full-fledged profiling? Something similar to, say, VisualVM, but that deploys as a JAR and that can be packaged inside a WAR?

Online searches didn't turn up much but then again I might not be searching for the right thing. I call this an "intra-JVM profiler" because its profiling the same Java process its running inside of (like AppDynamics).

I love open source but this is not a mandatory requisite. Thanks in advance for any pointers/recommendations!

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You might check out Spring Insight.

Spring-insight source, design and alternatives


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There's the related spring4speedtracer project that tries to make use of some of the technology (specifically the SpeedTracer integration) without requiring the use of TC as the deployment platform. – Joachim Sauer Aug 29 '12 at 8:08

Java Melody might be relevant for you.

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