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I'm having problem connecting refinery cms's web site with amazon s3 service for storing data. I've found this tutorial on official refinerycms web site: http://refinerycms.com/guides/amazon-s3-for-uploads

1) I'm having problems concerning keys: - S3_KEY - S3_SECRET - S3_BUCKET - S3_REGION My question is - can I arbitrarily choose keys, or are these keys somewhere to be found in Amazon/Refinery? If later -yes, where can I found them? What should I type for S3_REGION (I'm in Austria)?

2) After the keys are inserted, what is the next step? Do I need to re-upload all the images on Amazon I want my site to contain? (The original problem was - images in the site could be seen locally, but not on Heroku (where my app is currently deployed) because Heroku is read-only). I'm missing a link how it will all function when I insert these keys. Could someone please clarify this?

Thanks, D.

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Yeah, I'm having trouble too, and the only answer here doesn't seem to help me much. I wonder whether you've got anywhere in the past year? I find the asset_sync gem github.com/rumblelabs/asset_sync helped - this will sync the assets on your dev side to S3. But I'm still having issues with image thumbnails, which I believe is the responsibility of Dragonfly in RefineryCMS. Unfortunately as far as I can tell there is basically no documentation for that. –  CJBrew Dec 14 '13 at 0:28

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  1. The keys are in https://portal.aws.amazon.com/gp/aws/securityCredentials

  2. Images, files, and pages on Refinery are similar to all data in a Rails app: what's in your development application is not the same as your production app. Your local images are added to a local folder and referenced in your database, so even uploading them to Amazon wouldn't work, you'd also need to upload your database (heroku db:push). Try to remember, the point of a CMS is that you don't have to push new code to add content like images to the site.

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