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I have a Kendo UI for MVC batch edit grid that will not update to the server once I have about 40+ rows of data being updated. I can update each of the rows individually or several at a time but once I have more than about 40 rows, it error somewhere in the jquery.1.7.2.js script. I have verified that the data I am using is not the issue. I have a ticket with Kendo but they say there is no such limitation. There are 13 columns but I am only updating 6 of them, I have hard coded the data in most of the string columns to "test" to try and minimize the amount of data.

Is there anyone who has a batch edit grid and can update more than say 50 rows at the same time?

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Resolved. It was not the number of rows, rater the number of key pairs. The default is set to 1000 to stop Denial of Service attacks. Here is a link to an article from MS explaining the issue. MS Article

In short, here is the setting in the web config file, I bumpped the value to 10,000 and stopped getting the error.

<add key="aspnet:MaxHttpCollectionKeys" value="10000" />
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