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I recently taken interest to tinker with Nokia s40 phones, partly because we have a stock phone here at home and also because I've pretty much grown with the s40 system ever since I was young so I thought I'd take a walk down memory lane.

I'm going to be developing for Nokia s40v5 but I'm a bit confused. Following this page for s40, you can see that it seems to imply Nokia SDK 2.0 for Java (beta) is the latest SDK for download.

enter image description here

After I downloaded that and installed it, however, the emulator doesn't look anywhere near the s40 device we have nor the ones I've owned in the past. The emulator looks full touch-screen and doesn't resemble s40 in any way. So my question is, is there a way to change the platform of this emulator? Did I download the wrong SDK package? If so, why was this one being promoted on the s40 page if this wasn't the one I needed for development? And finally, what's the latest I can download that will cater to my needs then?

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The emulator you have is in fact a Series 40 emulator for the latest Series 40 devices. Series 40 is nowadays a full touch platform.

You can see the tools info on Series 40 in this page. Actually you can use the IDE that comes with this SDK to select and download older Series 40 SDKs according to your targeted devices. Read my intro to the SDK here


By now the developer resources have moved to: http://developers.apps.opera.com/

While at first it looks if it was targeted for "Nokia Asha" and "Nokia X" you can still find the "classic" contents, such as:

  • Series 40 SDK
  • Nokia SDK 1.1 for Java
  • Nokia SDK 2.0 for Java
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