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I'm using the latest MKStoreKit to make an in-app purchase. The problem I've ran into is that when the app doesn't have internet when it starts, the products aren't loaded from the app store. If I then run

- (void) buyFeature:(NSString*) featureId
         onComplete:(void (^)(NSString* purchasedFeature, NSData*purchasedReceipt)) completionBlock         
        onCancelled:(void (^)(void)) cancelBlock;

Then it never runs either of onComplete or onCancelled because it returns here when it doesn't find the purchasable object.

NSArray *allIds = [self.purchasableObjects valueForKey:@"productIdentifier"];
int index = [allIds indexOfObject:productId];

if(index == NSNotFound) return; <-- IT RETURNS HERE

SKProduct *thisProduct = [self.purchasableObjects objectAtIndex:index];
    SKPayment *payment = [SKPayment paymentWithProduct:thisProduct];
    [[SKPaymentQueue defaultQueue] addPayment:payment];

It doesn't even send back an error so the user doesn't get any message.

I guess this should be a common problem? How do I handle it in the best way?

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I solved it by evaluating...

MKStoreKit.sharedManager.pricesDictionary.count == 0

...to know if I should tell the user that the App Store is unavailable for purchases. And then I tried to reload the product data by using this approach...


...everytime the user was interested in buying and the App Store was unavailable according to above.

To update the UI when the products was downloaded and ready for purchase, I listened to this Notification...

[NotificationCenter addObserver:self
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