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This might sound like a strange thing, and that it is especially for me. I have done this plenty of times, but now something just keeps on going wrong :)

I have this basic overlay function where I fetch content from a certain page, right?

$(popupLink).attr("href", function(i, href) {
        if( window.location.hostname === this.hostname ) {
            return href + " #grab-content";

Then just make the overlay appear, right? With getting the inner container etc.

        target: '#overlay',
        fixed: false,
            loadSpeed: 200
        onBeforeLoad: function() {
            // grab wrapper element inside content
            var wrap = this.getOverlay().find(".overlayWrap");
            // load the page specified in the trigger

Then, when I have a form on the page, and trying to make a simple jquery variable out of it:

onLoad: function(){
            var formie = $('form');

There's alot more after this, i dont want to paste in all, yall would get bored ;) It logs me an empty array (?!). It does find the elements from outside the #grab-content but not anything IN IT.

I have tried to fix this for about 1,5h by searching, trying to do alot of things. I even had to make the form submission with .live(). But now im getting really annoyed :D

I'd appreciate the help dudes, and will promise to flip a beer if any of ya come down to Finland sometime ;)

Ps. if yall need to see more, lemme know :) BR, Ulle

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On a side-note, the preferred method is on() since jQuery 1.7 instead of live() and bind() and delegate() if you have an older version of jQuery. live() has to many drawbacks and unexpected behaviours. See the live() documentation for more details (api.jquery.com/live). –  François Wahl Aug 11 '12 at 20:15
Thx for the point François :) But I shouldnt have to use the .live() for the forsubmission, basic submit() should do, but somehow the onLoad wont "notice" the elements, except if I do use .live() (will try to remember your advice about .on() tho :) But that whats whats bothering me :( it seems like the onLoad is bugged somehow, dunno :( that function should fire AFTER the content is loaded. I would understand if I used it onBeforeLoad. –  Olli Aapro Aug 11 '12 at 20:23
Also, when I tried to make a simple click event for example on a input field, wont work. But alas, when I use .live('click'), no problem :D. I never had to do this thing with a way like this :DD. During onLoad function I mean :) –  Olli Aapro Aug 11 '12 at 21:01
As per our discussion in the comments on my answer you seem to do it all correct as per guidelines of the documentation/demo of the jQuery tools website. I deleted my answer as after all you did not attach to any dynamically added elements, thus bindings had nothing to do with it. Sorry I wan't able to help you out :( –  François Wahl Aug 11 '12 at 22:01
Thats allright :) thanks for giving in the effort though! Im posting an issue to the github repo about this. I downgraded the jQuery Tools to 1.2.6 and the click(); only worked during onLoad! It seems like the problem is with the 1.2.7. Ill do some more tests, and we'll see ;) thx once more m8! –  Olli Aapro Aug 11 '12 at 22:11

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