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I've a problem trying to create a custom build on Dojo, I dont even know is it possible what i want..

I want to have a "single js file" loading all the components that i use across the application. so it doesnt load several files just one containing what I need, or at least just the ones I need.

As far as I read I need to create a Profile for this build, this is the profile I use (file in profiles folder ex: test.profiles.js).

dependencies ={
  layers:  [
      name: "test_dojo.js",
      customBase: true,
      selectorEngine: "acme",
      dependencies: [
  prefixes: [
      [ "dijit", "../dijit" ],
      [ "dojox", "../dojox" ]

I ran it this way: > build.bat profile=test action=release

this generates me the folder "release" inside if this I find dojo -> dojo, dijit, dojox folder and inside dojo -> test_dojo.js

I copy the content of the release into the application and replace the script tag in the html files.

<script src="/dojo_release/dojo/test_dojo.js" type="text/javascript" 
djconfig="usePlainJson: true,parseOnLoad: true"></script>

but get the error: "dojo is not defined in line 14"

and if I try to load the dojo and then this file:

    <script src="/dojo_release/dojo/dojo.js" type="text/javascript" 
djconfig="usePlainJson: true,parseOnLoad: true"></script>
    <script src="/dojo_release/dojo/psirt_dojo.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

I debug the application and get that is trying to load several files (as it used to) and get errors such as "Could not load 'dijit.form.Form'; last tried '../dijit/form/Form.js'"

this maybe a basic question im quiet new with dojo and more with the custom build stuff.

Do I have correct the profile or what could be the problem here, what am I doing wrong.

Thanks in advice.

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You do not need the 'customBase' flag to do this. You can simply override the dojo.js file with its current contents _plus some cached modules of your own.

dependencies ={
  selectorEngine: "acme",
  layers:  [
      name: "../dojo/dojo.js",
      dependencies: [
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thanks a lot this solved the problem – cesaregb Aug 13 '12 at 15:46

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