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I have the below sample of preference items

     android:summary="Sound is Off"
     android:title="Sound" />

I use a theme in the res/values to change the Summary text color

 <style name="ThemeDarkText">
    <item name="android:textColor">#000000</item>

And in the code I write this line


Its working fine in Android 2.1 but when I tried to run it on a different os (ex Android 4.0) It didn't change the summary text color just the title color only..!!

Any help?

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I had the same problem here.

What was interesting was that the summary of Edit Preference was colored properly - red, but the Checkbox and the PreferenceScreen were white.

This is my solution:

Add this to the style.xml in your theme:

<item name="android:textColorSecondary">@color/your_color</item>
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