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I am developing an application using MVC 3 and Castle Windsor, among others of course. I am having trouble getting Windsor to instantiate more than one object - even though the service might be registered with Transient or PerWebRequest.


This is all the relevant code as far as I'm aware. Resolving for ISession works fine, receiving a SessionImpl object.

SessionImpl is just a dummy object I created to show the problem:

public class SessionImpl : ISession
    public SessionImpl()
         //Called once   

    public void Dispose()
        //Called once 

I first noticed the problem when the ISession I got on the next request was already disposed - so I am sure I am getting the same ISession every time. Any ideas what I can have done wrong? It says Castle Windsor 3.0.0 in Solution Explorer -> References.

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You have a lifestyle mismatch. Fix it.

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Ah, thanks. This is indeed correct. Thanks :) two notes though: 1) There was no "Potential Lifestyle Mismatches" item - only 'All Components', 'All Services', and 'Objects Tracked By Release Policy' and 2) I almost figured you would answer me! You're the answerer on most Windsor questions I've googled. –  Max Aug 12 '12 at 9:21

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