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I have a list of 2D points on my scene and i have an array of connections between these Points stored as unordered pairs

Pair is defined exactly as here how to write write a set for unordered pair in Java

so i have :

ArrayList<PointF> mPoints = new ArrayList<PointF>();

ArrayList<Pair<PointF>> mConnections = new ArrayList<Pair<PointF>>();

PointF mStartPoint = mPoints.get(0);
PointF mEndPoint = mPoints.get(80);

I need to find array of Points which will lead me from source to destination Point.

I think to add to each Pair information about distance but what next ?

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This is an instance of a standard path finding problem.

If you need a guaranteed exact solution, go with something like Dijkstra's algorithm. If you need something more efficient, but can live with suboptimal solutions for certain cases, go with the A* algorithm.

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