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What tools allows me keep track of tags when doing web development? For example, I would like to be able to quickly find whether I missed closing a div tag.

At the moment I am using notepad++ to write html. It highlights starting and ending tags, but it can take me time to review almost all tags to find where I went wrong.

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HTMLTidy is pretty much the de-facto standard for this kind of thing nowadays

Tidy Windows Installer

Tidy FAQ

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The Web Developer add-on for Firefox is very handy. It gives you a good way to highlight different tags on the page and makes it easy to visualize them. Also has too many tools to list here, including HTML and CSS validators.

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Indenting is helpful. I also find the Html Validator extension for Firefox to be handy for checking for HTML issues once you're viewing the page in the browser (which is especially handy for checking server-generated HTML).

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Whenever I'm writing a page from scratch I indent the tags so the inner ones are nested within the outer tags.


       Content here...

I also write out the opening and closing tags at the same time, plan out the page layout, and then go back and fill in the content later.

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You can't go past proper indentation, IMHO.

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You could make the opening and closing tags at the same time. You could indent. Choosing an IDE or tool specifically for that seems a little bit overkill in my opinion.

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