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I placed a ChoiceBox inside an fxml with JavaFX Scene Builder.

The FXML has a controller assigned to it.

My question is: Which event do I need to register if I want to know about changed values?


this does not work with the following code

public void languageSelectionModified(Event event) {
    ChoiceBox<String> box = (ChoiceBox<String>) event.getSource();

and this only works for the initial click (i.e. opening the list, not when selecting an item):


Although the Mouse-Events would never be a good choise because of situations where the touch or keyboard is the input-method, it still proves that the System.out can be reached.

I have absolutly no idea where those things are documentated (in the default Java-API they are not)

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Add a listener to your @FXML injected choicebox in your controller:


You can also bind to the selected item:


Here is an example of hooking up a listener in a controller for a ComboBox defined in FXML. Logic for a ChoiceBox is pretty much identical.

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Thanks for your reply! This works well. So there is no way of doing it via the 'normal' FXML-events? If you could tell me where I might have been able to lookup the existing (and defineable) events for FXML-files, I mark your answer as answering my question. –  Gundon Aug 11 '12 at 22:40
No, you can't lookup events for this in FXML using JavaFX 2.0 to 2.2. –  jewelsea Aug 11 '12 at 22:52

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