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How can I import hash functions into lazy Racket?

So far I have the following:

#lang lazy
(require (only-in racket/base

and I get the following error:

only-in: bad module path in: (only-in racket/base hash hash-set)

Where am I going wrong? What would be the correct module path?

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Do you know what version of Racket you're using? I can't reproduce your error under Racket 5.3: when I try it, your code does what you expect.

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5.1.3. Just updated to 5.3 and now it works like a charm. Thank you for your help! –  user1472346 Aug 12 '12 at 20:54

To explain, the implementation of Lazy Racket was an old one, based on the "MzScheme" which is now a compatibility language. In v5.3 it was modernized and is more in line with the usual racket language.

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