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Why given a module like this:

module TestModule
  module Configuration
    # Return the configuration values set in this module
    def options
      puts "OPTIONS IS IN"
      puts self.inspect

I get that the options method is in TestModule and not in Configuration?

EDIT: I add the gem that I am taking a look at, and the one that has given me this confusion:

Check this file: configuration.rb in line 37 the method options is defined.

In the class Client however, when options is called (line 11) is used doing Awesome instead of Configuration. Why is that? I don't see any class named Awesome where those modules are being mixed.

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The gem in question does (in awesome.rb)

module Awesome
  extend Configuration

So all of the methods on Awesome::Configuration (such as options) become singleton methods on the Awesome module

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Technically, it's not part of either. It would have to be mixed in to a class to make it part of a class. To make it callable directly on the module, you need to prefix it with self. in the definition to make it a module method instead of an instance method:

def self.options
  self #=> TestModule::Configuration

Here's a good tutorial on mixins which allows you to use the instance methods: http://rubylearning.com/satishtalim/modules_mixins.html

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Linuxios thanks for the answer. I think I don't understand truly what do you mean though. I have edited my question and added the gem that I am analyzing and that has given me the doubts. Could you help me with that? –  Hommer Smith Aug 11 '12 at 23:18

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