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I'm new to Railo, moving away from ColdFusion 8 where my site used to used to use cfx_imagecr3.

I believe Railo has ImageScaleToFit but I'm not sure if I'm using it correctly or if I need to add some kind of class/component? I've added it between a cfscript but i get 'invalid variable declaration' which doest make any sense to me. Any help appreciated.

I'm running railo- on ubuntu 12.04

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You need to first load the image into a variable, then use that variable name inside ImageScaletoFit, like so:

<cfimage name="ImgVariable" source="/home/images/testimage.jpg" />

<cfset imageScaletoFit(ImgVariable,'90','114','highestPerformance') />

(This isn't specific to Railo - the function exists and works the same way in CF8+)

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Thank you for your time, i've never used cfimage and didnt know imageScaletoFit worked in conjunction with cfimage –  david-l Aug 25 '12 at 12:48

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