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I have stock ticker data in the following format:


and Excel is able to magically convert them to:

4/22/14 3:50 PM
4/22/14 3:55 PM
4/22/14 4:00 PM

via "Format Cells"

How do I do the same conversion in Pandas?

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Use this stackoverflow.com/questions/1108428/… to convert your floats into instances of datetime.datetime which you can use in Pandas. –  diliop Aug 12 '12 at 1:07

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The solution mentioned in the link above works, so I will just repost the snippet here. Thanks!

import datetime

def minimalist_xldate_as_datetime(xldate, datemode):
    # datemode: 0 for 1900-based, 1 for 1904-based
    return (
        datetime.datetime(1899, 12, 30)
        + datetime.timedelta(days=xldate + 1462 * datemode)
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Excel considers 1900 a leap year, so be careful with exactly what you want to translate: http://spreadsheetpage.com/index.php/oddity/the_intentional_date_bug/

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