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According to the below code:

$('#permisosPerfiles div').children('h4').length();

This results = 5, But I would get the index of each h4 and index of each checkbox for a while and range each Area (Find, Create, Delete, Edit).

enter image description here

<h3>Asignación de permisos</h3>
    <div id="permisosPerfiles">
        <div id="leftPermisos">
        <h4 id="Usuarios">Usuarios</h4>
        <label for="pCrearUsuario">Crear</label>
        <input id="pCrearUsuario" name="Usuarios[]" value="Crear" type="checkbox" />
        <label for="pBuscarUsuario">Buscar</label>
        <input id="pBuscarUsuario" name="Usuarios[]" value="Buscar" type="checkbox"/>
        <label for="pModificarUsuario">Modificar</label>
        <input id="pModificarUsuario" name="Usuarios[]" value="Modificar" type="checkbox"/>
        <label for="pEliminarUsuario">Eliminar</label>
        <input id="pEliminarUsuario" name="Usuarios[]" value="Eliminar" type="checkbox"/>

        <h4 id="Clientes">Clientes</h4>
        <label for="pCrearCliente">Crear</label>
        <input id="pCrearCliente" name="Clientes[]" value="Crear" type="checkbox"/>
        <label for="pBuscarCliente">Buscar</label>
        <input id="pBuscarCliente" name="Clientes[]" value="Buscar" type="checkbox"/>
        <label for="pModificarCliente">Modificar</label>
        <input id="pModificarCliente" name="Clientes[]" value="Modificar" type="checkbox"/>
        <label for="pEliminarCliente">Eliminar</label>
        <input id="pEliminarCliente" name="Clientes[]" value="Eliminar" type="checkbox"/>

        <h4 id="Mps">Marca, Producto Subproducto</h4>
        <label for="pCrearMPS">Crear</label>
        <input id="pCrearMPS" name="Mps[]" value="Crear" type="checkbox"/>
        <label for="pBuscarMPS">Buscar</label>
        <input id="pBuscarMPS" name="Mps[]" value="Buscar" type="checkbox"/>
        <label for="pModificarMPS">Modificar</label>
        <input id="pModificarMPS" name="Mps[]" value="Modificar" type="checkbox"/>
        <label for="pEliminarMPS">Eliminar</label>
        <input id="pEliminarMPS" name="Mps[]" value="Eliminar" type="checkbox"/>
    <div id="rightPermisos">
        <h4 id="Poliza">Póliza</h4>
        <label for="pCrearPoliza">Crear</label>
        <input id="pCrearPoliza" name="Poliza[]" value="Crear" type="checkbox"/>
        <label for="pBuscarPoliza">Buscar</label>
        <input id="pBuscarPoliza" name="Poliza[]" value="Buscar" type="checkbox"/>
        <label for="pModificarPoliza">Modificar</label>
        <input id="pModificarPoliza" name="Poliza[]" value="Modificar" type="checkbox"/>
        <label for="pEliminarPoliza">Eliminar</label>
        <input id="pEliminarPoliza" name="Poliza[]" value="Eliminar" type="checkbox"/>

        <h4 id="Servicio">Servicio</h4>
        <label for="pCrearServicio">Crear</label>
        <input id="pCrearServicio" name="Servicio[]" value="Crear" type="checkbox"/>
        <label for="pBuscarServicio">Buscar</label>
        <input id="pBuscarServicio" name="Servicio[]" value="Buscar" type="checkbox"/>
        <label for="pModificarServicio">Modificar</label>
        <input id="pModificarServicio" name="Servicio[]" value="Modificar" type="checkbox"/>
        <label for="pEliminarServicio">Eliminar</label>
        <input id="pEliminarServicio" name="Servicio[]" value="Eliminar" type="checkbox"/>

I hope I have explained. Regards!


This is what I do with the indices of each area and checkbox:

NumH4 = 0
NUmH4 = $('#permisosPerfiles div').children('h4').length(); //5
WHile <= NumH4
     numCheckBoxes = 0
     numCheckBoxes = //Code to get total of checkboxes after each $this H4
     while <= numCheckBoxes
         //Code to set checked/unchecked according to data obtained from the database 1 = checked, 0 = unchecked

The below image, is a structure of the table from my database that I get 1 or 0 to check or unchecked!

Perhaps the question or the title this poorly written but because my English is not very good, can not explain correctly the question! Need to chat with someone to make me understand better.

enter image description here

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Your English is confusing me. I haven't quite understood what you are trying to ask. You want to iterate through each of the h4 tags, then through each of the input checkboxes to check whether or not they are checked? –  Derija93 Aug 11 '12 at 23:57
Im so sorry for my english but right now I want to know just how to get the index of each h4 tag please! –  SoldierCorp Aug 11 '12 at 23:59
Given that HTML, what output would you expect/want the jQuery to generate? Just the index of each h4 element, or the index and its text, or id..? –  David Thomas Aug 12 '12 at 0:09
I want get index of each h4 tag into a div #permisosPerfiles, ie, h4#Usuarios will be 1, h4#Clientes will be 2... and get index of each checkbox after h4 tag! –  SoldierCorp Aug 12 '12 at 0:13
Check the JS Fiddle, is this anywhere near? Though I have to leave the getting/setting of the checked/unchecked to yourself. –  David Thomas Aug 12 '12 at 1:21
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If you want the index of an element, use the following:


You always take the parent of the element you need the index of.

I have made a jsFiddle for you that puts the indexes in the HTML (just to show which indexes it are).

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.index(elem) works just as good and saves some extra work jQuery would have to do else. Keep the calls to $ as low as possible... ;) –  Derija93 Aug 12 '12 at 0:22
ok :).. and how I can get index of each checkbox after each H4? Grateful if you help me with that –  SoldierCorp Aug 12 '12 at 0:35
What is it you're trying to do? What's the goal of this question? –  David Thomas Aug 12 '12 at 0:41
@SoldierCorp that works the exact same way. In that case the <p> would be the parent of the inputs –  Rune Aug 12 '12 at 0:47
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If you want ids of checkboxes that are under a H4 tag (that is what you were asking right ??), you can use the below code

$("#permisosPerfiles h4").each(function(index, elem) {
    var h4id=$(this).attr('id');
    console.log($('#'+h4id+'+p input:checkbox').length);

You can replace console.log with the action you want to perform. Here is the jsFiddle I created for it jsFiddle.

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