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I tried the following postbuild command in VS to copy all the dlls and other related files into a centralized folder:

robocopy $(TargetDir) $(TargetDir)Bin *.dll *.pdb *.xml  /MOVE

It successfully moves them if the Bin folder doesn't have those files yet. But after the second execution, the files are not moved. I am suspecting that it fails because the files in there already exist. Is there a switch to force overwrite without prompting? I looked at the possible switches for robocopy and can't really find the one I am looking for.

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I'm guessing that Robocopy is refusing to move files that it detects are the same on subsequent runs. You should be able to force it to do so with the /IS (include same) and /IT (include tweaked) flags - i.e.,

robocopy $(TargetDir) $(TargetDir)Bin *.dll *.pdb *.xml /IS /IT /MOVE
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Thanks! It finally worked. – randacun Aug 12 '12 at 0:27

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