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I am terribly sorry for the crummy title to this question. I can't think of how to phrase it in a simple context.

I am making a simple photo gallery. The admin can create a gallery page and upload images to it. For each gallery I want there to be a single banner image from one of the photos. The Photo model has a CharField which will tell if its a banner or not. Is there a way to make the variable to allow only one 'B' for every photo that belongs to a Gallery?

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You should define a unique_together variable for your class. If names of your fields are album and banner, you should add this line to Meta class of your model.

unique_together = (("album", "banner"),)

Django Documents, unique-together

And i think, using charfield for a boolean value isn't a correct choice. You should change your banner field as BooleanField.

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Thanks. This might be exactly what I need. On a side note, the charfield will support more options but it wasn't necessary for my problem. I just need to make sure there is only one banner per project. – Kei Nagase Aug 12 '12 at 2:41

Why don't you create a OneToOne field?

class Gallery(models.Model):
banner = models.OneToOneField(Photo)

this way, you have an unique relationship between a gallery and a photo.

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