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I am using PHP exec() to run a script that outputs a 3 column, 5 row data table. Right now each row is a single value in my array as follows:

1 => "Nancy  Female   32   05/10/2012"
2 => "Drew   Male     32   06/16/2012"
3 => "Websy  Female   32   11/05/2012"
4 => "Namez  Male     32   09/20/2012"

Can I get it to return a nested array for the values in each row?

1 => 
    1 => Nancy
    2 => Female
    3 => 32
    4 => 05/10/2012
2 => 
    1 => Drew
    2 => Male
    3 => 32
    4 => 06/16/2012

I can always use a delimiter, and rearrange the array afterwards, but didn't if know there some funcationality to exec() that can do this.

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Say what??????? (question marks are only added to fill the comment minimum char length, lets just assume there were only three) – PeeHaa Aug 12 '12 at 0:34
I assume you're talking about the &output parameter to exec, since that will give you an array where each line from the output is a separate entry (the return value of exec is only the last line). But the answer is no, as Amber explained. – bfavaretto Aug 12 '12 at 0:37
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No. All exec knows about is lines of output; it has no further knowledge of what is in those lines.

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