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I'm trying to create an app for closeted and questioning youth on facebook, and an important feature would be the ability to be anonymous on the app. I've been trying to find out if people can be anonymous on facebook, but this sounds like it's not allowed. Could facebook users make a new user account within a facebook app to protect their identity?

Thanks, Colby

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No, they cannot create a new facebook account from facebook app. And facebook has nothing to do with making a user anonymous, if user has given your application required permissions then you can have all the information about user, its up to you either you want to make that user an "Anonymous user" or show his profile pic/information.

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Some suggestions:

  • In App Settings > Auth Dialog there is the setting Default Activity Privacy which you should set to Only Me.

  • When a user authorizes your app store as little information as is necessary, and prominently display your privacy policy explaining what type of information you store, why, and how you will never share it with anyone.

  • (optional) Store userids in your database as md5 hashes so that even if someone gains access to that database, they won't know who the users are.

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