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I have a query that pulls users in a list. It pulls a list of people that you can "fight", You shouldn't be able to fight yourself, or fight someone in your "clan".

 $select = mysql_query("SELECT id,username,clan FROM `users` WHERE username != '".$user['username']."' AND IF clan>0 THEN clan != ".$user['clan']."");

This query "tries" to see if the selected row's clan > 0 "Means they are in a clan", then it should see if they are in the same clan as the user. IF so, skip that row. Also, it is worth nothing that if you aren't in a clan, you should be able to fight others also not in a clan (0).

  • Can't fight yourself
  • Or anyone in your clan

Thanks :)

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Try this:

SELECT id,username,clan 
FROM `users` 
WHERE username != '".$user['username']."' 
AND (clan = 0 OR clan != ".$user['clan'].")"
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Not positive I have the php string concatenation syntax correct, but the query part should be what you want. –  Steven Mastandrea Aug 12 '12 at 1:53
Terrific! I can't believe I didn't come up with that :P –  AlanPHP Aug 12 '12 at 1:54
SELECT id,username,clan 
FROM `users` 
WHERE username != '".$user['username']."' 
  AND (
    (clan != ".$user['clan'].") OR
    (clan = 0 AND ".$user['clan']." = 0)

If clanny can't fight clanless, just add check for clan=0 in first part of OR and so on.

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