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I want to randomly choose a single <div> and then trigger the same event handler that would be triggered if I clicked it. My event handler looks like this:

function move(){        
    var currentLeft = $(this).css("left")
    var currentTop = $(this).css("top")
            .css("left", leftOld)
            .css("top", topOld);
        leftOld = currentLeft;
        topOld = currentTop;

Normally this event is triggered by a click event. The event listener looks like this:


I want to have a function that can randomly click these divs and trigger the same event handler. I'm working with something like this, but can't figure out how to finish:

$("#shufflebutton").click(shufflePieces);  //event listener

function shufflePieces(){
    var clickTile = Math.floor(Math.random() * $(".movable").length);
    $(".movable")[clickTile].trigger(move); //this is the line I can't figure out

It's important that the event handler (move) knows what div was "clicked" because it must access information regarding that <div> using $(this). Any help for me? Thanks!

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Like this:


$(...) returns a jQuery object. Indexed properties ([3]) of a jQuery object return raw DOM elements, not jQuery objects.
To get a jQuery object for a specific element within a jQuery object, call .eq().

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You're a saint. Can't believe I got help in under a minute! –  Captain Stack Aug 12 '12 at 2:10

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