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I'm working on Git command to filter the author names based on the file names

So, when I enter the following two commands,

gh@ubuntu:~$ cd git
gh@ubuntu:~/git$ git log --pretty="format:%an"  t/t0030-stripspace.sh

it works great and gives my the list of authors.

However, I need to execute the same thing with the following command:

gh@ubuntu:~$ git --git-dir=/home/ghadeer/git/.git --work-tree=/home/ghadeer/git log --pretty="format:%an"  t/t0030-stripspace.sh

but it shows this following error:

fatal: ambiguous argument 't/t0030-stripspace.sh': unknown revision or path not in the working tree.
Use '--' to separate paths from revisions"

anybody knows the error ?

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Just as the error message suggests, you can get around this by placing a -- before the path to the file:

git --git-dir=... --work-tree=... log --pretty="format:%an" -- t/t0030-stripspace.sh
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