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This is error description and what we did in summary:

  1. Error that we got as follows:

    Could not load file or assembly 'log4net, Version=,
     Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b32731d11ce58905' or one of its dependencies.
     The located assembly's manifest definition does not match the assembly
     reference. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131040)
  2. Tried to access GAC using GACUTIL.exe but access denied, although I am the administrator of my PC
  3. I removed and re-attached new DLL
  4. Tried to used binding redirection in web.config
  5. tried to add assemblies definition in web.config
  6. tried to access Machine.config but again access is denied
  7. Restart the server, webserver

After all it did not work. What I can do next to avoid this error. I checked GAC list and I did not find my assembly file there but I don't know how to pass by the permission to do it.

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It is not the GAC. Use Fuslogvw.exe to troubleshoot assembly resolution problems. High odds that you simply have the wrong version of log4net.dll in your EXE directory. – Hans Passant Aug 12 '12 at 13:05

Look like supportedRuntime is absent. Try add the element to the bottom of a config file

   <supportedRuntime version="v4.0" sku=".NETFramework,Version=v4.0"/> 
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