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I am looking for tools to daily reports for graphite, better installer for graphite, better UI like graphine etc.

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The Graphite documentation contains a chapter with a list: Tools that work with Graphite. This is a fairly complete list. I only have one tool other worth mentioning that isn't listed there.

Obfuscurity is a very good blog to read for graphite tips and tools. The author is developing "an instrospective dashboard" for graphite called Descartes. (Blog post introducing Descartes)

I haven't found any "better installers" unless you use Chef (sample chef recipe for Graphite installation and another one) but it's not really that hard. You can find lots of little how-to snippets around the web, especially in places like Github gists that give cheatsheet style installation instructions. For example, for Ubuntu 11.10 with Nginx.

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