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I was using Bootstrap's Carousel, found here. It's a great script, unfortunately, I'd like for it to be able for the navigation arrows to go away and only appear on hover. Is this possible and how would I would go about implementing that?

Thanks for all help!

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You just need a little bit of CSS

.carousel .carousel-control { visibility: hidden; }
.carousel:hover .carousel-control { visibility: visible; }

Demo (jsfiddle)

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Wow. Cool answer. I was thinking it had to be done with JQuery, but obviously not! – Muhambi Aug 12 '12 at 20:37

Its also nice to get rid of those pesky gradients, which adding this also does:

.carousel-control.left, .carousel-control.right {
  background: none !important;
  filter: progid: none !important;
  outline: 0;
.carousel .carousel-control {
  visibility: hidden;
.carousel:hover .carousel-control {
  visibility: visible;
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