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I want to add following attribute in my class property if db column is Primary key and not identity consider following code

[Key, Column(Order =  0), DatabaseGenerated (DatabaseGeneratedOption.None )]
public virtual int TypeId
{ get; set; }

I have used following code to check for primary key

bool isPrimaryKey = ef.IsKey(edmProperty);
if (isPrimaryKey)

Now i need some code to check is Column is identity ? If not then i will add following attribute
DatabaseGenerated (DatabaseGeneratedOption.None ) from my T4 template code. I am using EF 4.x POCO Entity Generator for C# for generating my poco classes. Now i want to modify it. Now how i can do this? Waiting for your help.

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public const string annotationNamespace = "http://schemas.microsoft.com/ado/2009/02/edm/annotation";

MetadataProperty storeGeneratedPatternProperty = null;
edmProperty.MetadataProperties.TryGetValue(annotationNamespace + ":StoreGeneratedPattern", false, out storeGeneratedPatternProperty);
bool IsIdentity = storeGeneratedPatternProperty != null && storeGeneratedPatternProperty.Value.ToString() == "Identity";
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Trying to get your snippet above to work in my custom t4 scaffolding... I'm looking at adding a function to CustomTemplates/MvcView/ModelMetadataFunctions.cs.include.t4. Error messages have informed me that the .MetadataProperties is in a different namespace, so, I added System.Data.Metadata.Edm to the 'using' file, but, am not sure where to go from there - I'm starting with an instance of modelProperty - a type of PropertyMetadata, but, I think your edmProperty must be something else –  bkwdesign Apr 17 at 15:18
edmXXX is about EntityFramework and from your comment I don't quite understand how your case (which is about MVC view scaffolding I believe) relates to it. You have to have edm metadata on input in my example –  dbis May 14 at 7:48
you are correct. I finally figured out my issue. As you said, I was doing some MVC scaffolding and basically barking up the wrong tree by posting a comment to this thread. Should we clean up our comments and just delete them out? –  bkwdesign May 15 at 19:30
Up to you. I don't see anything wrong about either keeping them or deleting them –  dbis May 15 at 21:19

If you use a naming convention of tblWidget and WidgetId for the primary key then can you use that to detect that it is the primary key.

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Thanks for making replay. I can identify primary key easily. I just need to identify is column "Idendity" (AutoIncrement)? Naming convention is not possible because i am working Brown Field project. –  Hasibul Aug 12 '12 at 5:22

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