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I am trying to figure out how to sequence the train animation so I can offset and rotate each wagon in turn around curves, for example, in Route_51 (click Test>Run[twice]) in this display. Needs Chrome or other HTML5 compliant browser.

Here is my so far 'non-complying' code (using KineticJs):

function animate(nr,path,incr,train,dirX,dirY){
var steps,offsetX,offsetY,count,a;
steps = Math.round(path[nr][2] / incr);
offsetX = path[nr][2]/steps;
offsetY = path[nr][3]/steps;
count = 0;
    layer = train[0].getLayer();
    if(count < steps){
        for(a=0; a<train.length; a+=1){ 
            incrX = train[a].getX() + offsetX * -dirX;
            incrY = train[a].getY() - offsetY * -dirY;
        count += 1;
        nr += 1;


I don't seem to be able to grasp the logic (getting old).

All help appreciated. Thanks.

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It seems a certain amount of time has to pass before some kind of logic emerges.

In this case it was that each loco/wagon needed its own fully incremented path for the starts and optionally finishes to be staggered. Here is a screenshot of the train in motion with the "normal" scale view inset. Room for improvement of course especially with curve coordinates.

enter image description here

For the animation visit and follow the KJS link.

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