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I am trying to construct SQL query using Zend Framework. Here is my SQL query statement:

    SELECT of.order_Id, of.subtotal, of.status, c.name
    FROM order_form of, customer c
    WHERE c.customer_Id = of.customer_Id

However, when I tried to implement it in Zend Framework, an error message is displayed. Here is my query statement using Zend Framework.

$query = $db->select()
            ->from(array('c' => 'customer'), 'name')
            ->where('c.customer_Id = ?', $customer_Id)
            ->join('order_form', 'order_form.customer_Id = customer.customer_Id', array('order_Id', 'subtotal', 'status'))
            ->order("order_form.order_Id ASC");
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what is the error –  Vijay Sarin Aug 14 '12 at 5:48
Hi Vijay, the problem is resolved, sorry for any inconvenience caused –  Dale Aug 18 '12 at 4:56

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There is an error in my part. Simply change customer.customer_Id to c.customer_Id in the join clause

$query = $db->select()
            ->from(array('c' => 'customer'), 'name')
            ->where('c.customer_Id = ?', $customer_Id)
            ->join('order_form', 'order_form.customer_Id = c.customer_Id', array('order_Id', 'subtotal', 'status'))
            ->order("order_form.order_Id ASC");

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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