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I am trying to create some code "Snippets" with Sublime Text2 and everything works fine except when I try and add jQuery code. Apparently any "Snippets" code that includes lines that begin with a $ will simply not work. I couldn't find any answers online regarding this.

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Did you try escaping the $ with a \?

For instance in PHP, the $GLOBALS snippet is:

    <content><![CDATA[\$GLOBALS['${1:variable}']${2: = }${3:something}${4:;}$0]]></content>

As you can see in <content>, $GLOBALS is expressed as \$GLOBALS. This is because $ is a symbol used for fields like ${1:variable}.

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Although not an 'answer' per se, my comment is more an example.

I had the same issue but for creating jQuery's shorthand document.ready function snippet in Sublime Text 2.

With your answer, I was able to make it work:


Type jq, press TAB and you get this:


Notice the cursor is inside the first set of parenthesis, this is caused by the $1 in the snippet. Once you've finished typing the value, press TAB again and the cursor will move to the second set of parenthesis. This in turn is caused by the $2 in the snippet.

Hope this helps others.

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