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I'm currently using Capistrano, Passenger and Nginx with my Rails application, but still, I'm confused on how it all works together.

Here's what I know so far:

Nginx is a web server that responds to requests, like Apache but more lightweight.

Capistrano is used for deploying web application, it uploads the application code and runs a series of scripts and migrates the database.

Passenger is somehow a mystery box to me. I know it spawns ruby processes to handle requests, but isn't this a responsibility of the web server? I've read parts of the Passenger documentation but it still doesn't make much sense. I can see it says it makes deployment a breeze, but isn't this what Capistrano does?

Can anyone give a better explanation? Thanks a lot!

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Found all the answers here. The answer clearly explains the difference between Nginx and Phusion Passenger.

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