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I am learning Qt from TrollTech's Qt Tutorial these days, and I'am confused about the source code of calculating the position of bullet in this page:

QRect CannonField::shotRect() const
    const double gravity = 4;

    double time = timerCount / 20.0;
    double velocity = shootForce;
    double radians = shootAngle * 3.14159265 / 180;

    double velx = velocity * cos(radians);
    double vely = velocity * sin(radians);
    double x0 = (barrelRect.right() + 5) * cos(radians);
    double y0 = (barrelRect.right() + 5) * sin(radians);
    double x = x0 + velx * time;
    double y = y0 + vely * time - 0.5 * gravity * time * time;

    QRect result(0, 0, 6, 6);
    result.moveCenter(QPoint(qRound(x), height() - 1 - qRound(y)));
    return result;

In the third-last line:

result.moveCenter(QPoint(qRound(x), height() - 1 - qRound(y)));

I think that - 1 is nonsense, isn't it?

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It appears to be taking a scalar count (from height) and adjusting it to a 0-based array; so a height of 1 would correspond to the 0 index of the array. Just a guess. –  tbert Aug 12 '12 at 7:54
Agree with tbert: Without knowing the semantics of height()'s return value, subtracting 1 may or may not be significant. –  wallyk Aug 12 '12 at 7:55

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You have a widget:


If the height of widget is height, then y == 0 line is on the top of the widget and bottom line has y == height - 1 coordinate. So, if you want to show a point on the bottom line of the widget, you should set it y coordinate to height - 1.

Apparently, they use bottom of the widget as a ground level, so the bullet can be only above or on this level.

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I finally figured it out! Thanks a million, Lol4t0! –  Jian Weihang Aug 12 '12 at 8:42

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