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Is it possible to use Projector and Ray with OrthographicCamera?
I searched for it but I didn't find any example or documents. Also my Camera isn't set in center of screen.
camera = new THREE.OrthographicCamera(0, width, 0, height, orthonear, orthofar); That mean top left will be (0 ,0). So I don't think below code works correctly.
mouse.x = ( event.clientX / width ) * 2 - 1;
mouse.y = -( event.clientY / height) * 2 + 1;
So how can I use Projector and Ray with OrthographicCamera or any other methods to interact with objects?

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Original example:


Use the DAT.GUI controls on the right to change the camera to Orthographic...

A little snippet from the code:

ray = projector.pickingRay( mouse2D.clone(), camera ); 
var intersects = ray.intersectObjects( scene.children );
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