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Using VS2010, creating a new MVC 4 Web API project. Just wondering, can the .js-files in the Script folder be deleted, or are they somehow related to the magic beneath? How about those cshtml- files in the Views folder, I can't see that they are necessary for a REST-service, or again, are they part of the underlying technology. My guess, it can all be deleted safely - but just to be sure...

Bonus question (while I'm here): recommendations for unit- and integrationtesting REST-services, got any?

Thank you.

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If your project only exposes a series of WebAPI controllers then that implies that your project will never serve actual HTML-based content. Thus, you can safely delete all files related to that content, such as:

  • HTML files (.cshtml)
  • JavaScript files (.js)
  • CSS style sheets (.css)
  • Images (.jpg, .png, .gif)
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