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This is a followup question to this and I figured that we can access native functionality of the phone in javascript using Phonegap Documentation. I tried playing with notification api and it worked pretty well but could not find anything in the documentation about sending SMSes. I've come across Phonegap-Start kit and SMSPlugin for Phonegap but do not know how to integrate that with Phonegap-Start. In addition to it, I use build.phonegap.com to build my application so I'm not using eclipse for the same which is why the readme file of SMSPlugin was not much for the help.

Is it possible to do this?

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It's not possible at the moment.

It doesn't look like you can add your own plugins in Phonegap Build yet:


Moreover, SMSPlugin has not been officialy updated to work with Phonegap 2.0 yet AFAIK.

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