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How to add my Facebook and Twitter Profile Image in to my apps? How to crop that profile image to a particular size?

I am trying this facebook profile image from other problem

 ImageView user_picture;
 URL img_value = null;
 img_value = new URL(""+id+"/picture?type=large");
 Bitmap mIcon1 = BitmapFactory.decodeStream(img_value.openConnection().getInputStream());

from:- Get user image from Facebook Graph-API

But How to find id of facebook profile user id of particular persons.

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As far as i understand you need to use Facebook and Twitter API to achieve what you want in a dynamic and proper way.

Instead of getting the image and other stuff with URL and hardcoded way just use the APIS.

The simplest way would be.

  • Implement the APIS to your application.
  • Let the user login with either of these.
  • And then get the information that you need by using the API methods.

Check these for more info to use the APIs.

Facebook Java API -

Twitter4j -

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