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I have two tables, Page and Hyperlink to store Web page URLs and their connections(hyperlinks) respectively. In the Page table, I have a page_id column that is AUTO_INCREMENT for all unique entries. In the Hyperlink table, I use the page_id for both source and destination for the hyperlink.

Table: Page

page_id | page_url 
  1     |  a.com
  2     |  b.com
  3     |  c.com
  4     |  d.com

Table: Hyperlink

hyperlink_id | source_id | destination_id
1            | 1         | 2
2            | 1         | 3
3            | 2         | 4
4            | 4         | 4

I want to retrieve a ResultSet that returns me two Strings in a row, a.com and b.com, given the hyperlink_id. Let's assume the hyperlink_id is 1.

I tried using the query below but it didn't seem to work.

SELECT Page.page_url, Page.page_url from Hyperlink 
ON Page.page_id = Hyperlink.source_id
AND Page.page_id = Hyperlink.destination_id
where Hyperlink.hyperlink_id = 1

This query returned me an empty ResultSet.

However, this query worked for hyperlink_id = 4. I am thinking this query doesn't work when source_id != destination_id. What is wrong with my SELECT statement?

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Your query can be re-written as:

SELECT Page.page_url, Page.page_url 
  FROM Hyperlink 
  JOIN Page
    ON Page.page_id = Hyperlink.source_id
   AND Hyperlink.source_id = Hyperlink.destination_id
 WHERE Hyperlink.hyperlink_id = 1

This implies that Hyperlink.source_id must equal Hyperlink.destination_id and you only have one row in your table that fulfills this condition. The one where the hyperlink_id = 4.

Maybe you meant the following instead?

SELECT p1.page_url, p2.page_url 
  FROM Hyperlink 
  JOIN Page p1
    ON p1.page_id = Hyperlink.source_id
  JOIN Page p2
   AND p2.page_id = Hyperlink.destination_id
 WHERE Hyperlink.hyperlink_id = 1

This will access the Page table twice to get the information you need for the two different IDs

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Hi, thanks for your answer. I want to show all page_url for all hyperlinks, not just the ones where source = destination. –  paperclip Aug 12 '12 at 12:12
in your edit, it says Page1.page_url in the first line, should that be p1 instead? –  paperclip Aug 12 '12 at 12:14
It should indeed, sorry. –  Ben Aug 12 '12 at 12:15
Thanks Ben. I'll accept your answer. The query works! –  paperclip Aug 12 '12 at 12:16

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