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I have migrated a Rails 2 application to Rails 3. But now I'm encountering the following issue. In one of my view files I am calling the following javascript (with JQuery):

$.getJSON("<%= url_for(:controller => :visit_types, :action => :get_color)%>" + '/' + calEvent.visit_type_id, function(data) { calEvent.color = data;});

when it loads the page, I get the error:

No route matches {:controller=>"visit_types", :action=>"get_color"}

rake routes outputs:

/visit_types/get_color/:id(.:format)    {:controller=>"visit_types",:action=>"get_color"} 

It is true. I don't pass the :id in the url_for() call. But it in Rails 2 this was possible. How can I solve this?

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Not much of a choice here: either pass an id or add a route that doesn't require the id. – Tanzeeb Khalili Aug 12 '12 at 13:12

I see you add the id manually in javascript. You should write:

<%= url_for(:controller => :visit_types, :action => :get_color, :id => calEvent.visit_type_id)%>

If you run rake routes you would normally also see a string in front, and this string is the name you could use instead of the generic url_for (just append _url or _path), in your case this will be something like


I find this form to be more expressive. Also note that you could give a better or more specific name in your routes-file.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for your feedback. but I am still struggling Your proposal doesn't help me because the calEvent.visit_type_id is a javascript variable. So when I render the .html.erb view file, I get the error: undefined local variable or method `calEvent' for I added the following entry to my rails3 routes.rb: match 'visit_types/get_color' => 'visit_types#get_color' And now I can make it work with the "<%= url_for(:controller => :visit_types, :action => :get_color)%>" + '/' + calEvent.visit_type_id construction. Still, I don't like the solution. I there a nicer solution to solve this issue ? – user1593409 Aug 13 '12 at 9:10

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