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I have one form with text box, submit button, drop down list ..... I'm using <%Html.EnableClientValidation(); %> to validate all the elements in my form. But the probem is when I write <% using (Html.BeginForm()){ }%>, the validation works, But when I click on the submit button, it did nothing even though I complete all the condition of each elements. And the submit button is submitting while I use <form method="post"> instead of <% using (Html.BeginForm()){ }%>.

I use jquery tab in my view, so I have more than one submit button that do different task(I test the value of the submit button in my controller). this is my view

Could any one tell me, what did I wrong here?

Thanks in advanced.

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I'd make sure that you wrap your entire form in the braces when using the <% using (Html.BeginForm()){ }%>. If your submit button is not contained within those braces, then it will not cause the form to post.

<% using(Html.BeginForm()) { %>

... form elements here ...

<% } %>

When you use this method, remove the other form tags on the page as this syntax is equivalent to writing:


    ... form elements here ...

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