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I have beens searching for 2 days and haven't found an answer that helps and since it is getting urgent I am asking you guys now:

2 Blockers for me which I came accross and can't solve:

  1. I am having standard WPF datagrid. If you do sorting in this grid and arrow appears on top of the column header text. Now all I want to do is to make the margin on top and on the bottom of this sorticon bigger... I found many things about defining templates and so on but I have no idea how the standard template looks like and I don't think that it is possible to just override this margin, am I right?

  2. Is I guess related to 1. I have the same issue at the TabControl that I have a border around the tabs which I can't get rid of even if I set all margins and borders to 0 so I hope you can help me as well there...

I guess it is obvious that I am quite new to XAML and WPF but anyway it would be great if you can give me a detailed information about how I can find out how to solve this issue in an elegant way.

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hi guys, I have found already the solution for point 2 but 1 is still open. – D3v3l0p3r Aug 13 '12 at 8:19

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