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I know there are jquery plugins to round the corners on divs but is there one that will work on images?

The following browsers should be supported:

  • Firefox 3.0, 3.5
  • IE7, 8
  • Safari
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Not really a jQuery plugin, but this seems to do the trick: corner.js

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Great script, does the work with minimal effort. One little inconvenience is that it uses additional css classes to actually specify the rounding parameters instead of using a function call. . Also the script does quite a bit of work with swapping the img with a canvas element and drawing but I don't see a problem here if it just works. There seem to be a additional delay before the image is rounded. –  axk Jan 13 '10 at 21:51

I love CSS Tricks, and they have the answer for you... 5 different ways to do round corners, all you need to do is choose your's... because, you can't have it all ;)

Here are FIVE different techniques you can use to create rounded corners for boxes on a website. There are always different ways to do things with CSS and rounded corners is a great example of that. Each of these five techniques has advantages and disadvantages. Knowing all of them so you can choose the perfect one in each situation is the kind of thing that makes you the best CSS ninja you can be!

the video can be found in this link

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Not the kind of objective answer, but it's certainly not worth a downvote. –  vmassuchetto Feb 9 '12 at 23:52

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