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wondering how i can avoid entering my password when pushing and pulling in GIT on the same server?

My directory structure looks like:


I think it has something to do with user or group (chown / chgrp) being different. Should I just generate ssh keys ON the server, that doesn’t make sense though. There must be a way to git on the same machine through different users dirs?

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Can you paste the contents of git remote -v and tell us with what command you're trying to push? –  Noufal Ibrahim Aug 12 '12 at 17:04
You need to show how you define your remotes otherwise no-one can say. Also you can use just the local file-system as an remote, so you do not need to input anything at all if you have all rights on the local file-system. –  hakre Aug 12 '12 at 19:15

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Consider the various git protocols, which are all in the form of:


A file protocol will ask for password if you don't have the necessary (read/write) rights to access/modify the target.

An ssh protocol would be more appropriate, providing your ssh daemon is up, and has in its path git.
If so, generate a public/private keys in /home/gitrepo/.ssh, and public the public key in the /home/site/.ssh/authorized_keys files, as described in the "Public Key-Based Configuration" section of this ssh page.

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