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I have two content types, one (A: images) refering to the other (B: projects). I also have two languages (en/de). In a view block I show all images (nodes from type A) that refer to a project (nodey from type B):

Filter criteria:

  • Content: Published (Yes)
  • Content: Type (= Project Image)

Contextual filters:

  • (field_refering_project) Content: Nid


  • Content: Refering Project

which works great on original language node pages (en). But when I change to translated pages of the projects (de) no images are shown.

I now need to edit the view or create a new view that also shows me the images that refer to the nodes that are the original ones of the translated node that calls the view. Clear enough? I am not shure... Thanx!!!

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solved the problem by adding this code to the page.tpl.php

$imagemenuview = views_get_view('projectimagemenu');
echo $imagemenuview->preview('block', array($node->tnid));

but still interested in the solution using Contextual filter: Content: Nid returning the TNID instead of the NID When the filter value is NOT available

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