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I hope it is a better way to write the route in MVC 4 and would like some feedback.

Could you let me know if the routing patterns below are the best way to do it in MVC 4?

I have an application that has a requirement to show the url in the following format.



The 777-777-7777-777-7777 is an account number. PageX is the report page number.

I am trying to avoid trashing other controller routes in my project. Below is what I tried but need feedback if this will trash future controllers.

Report Number plus page route

"Report", // Route name 
new { controller = "Report", action = "Navigate", AccountNumber =     UrlParameter.Optional, ReportPage = UrlParameter.Optional});

Future Controller I don't want to trash.

"FutureController", // Route name 
new { controller = "FutureController",id= UrlParameter.Optional});

Any feedback is appreciated.

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I believe ur routes are OK. Its not gonna break with current setup. Only thing to remember when writing routes is that you put more specific routes first because they are processed in order and first matching route is picked by url engine. I must however say that your ReportPage parameter would contains values like page1 and page1 instead of numeric 1 or 2. I have seen someone writing rules where only the numeric portion would be received in action result. As far as I can remember it was something like

"Report", // Route name 
new { controller = "Report", action = "Navigate", AccountNumber =     UrlParameter.Optional, ReportPage = UrlParameter.Optional},new{ReportPage = "\d+"});

This way you will have urls like http://domain.com/account/page1 but in action methods you will receive the numeric values for ReportPage parameter. It would, however, not match when page number is absent. For this scenario you can add another route like the guy recommended in answer to this question

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Thanks Muhammad, Do you know if MVC 4 has any better ways to write this? – OpTech Marketing Aug 12 '12 at 17:42
ur routes r ok. jusr remember the rule: put more specific urls first – Muhammad Adeel Zahid Aug 12 '12 at 17:44

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